Stability Analysis of Marine Ecological Environment Based on Optimal Control of Switched Positive System

Authors:Liang Song, Dongyan Lian


In order to analyze the stability of marine ecological environment, a method based on the optimal control of switched positive system is designed and proposed. In this paper, the variational method of control unconstrained and the minimum principle method of control
constrained Pontryagin’s minimum principle are extended to the optimal switching problem.
A two-stage algorithm is proposed to solve the nonlinear optimal problem with fixed switching sequence. In the first stage, the switching time is fixed first, and then the cut-off is obtained under this condition. In the second stage, the optimal solution is obtained by changing the switching time. It should be pointed out that in the first stage, the variational method and the control constrained minimum principle method are extended to the switched
system, and then in the second stage, when the switching time is changed, the genetic algorithm is used to obtain the optimal solution, so as to achieve the goal of stability analysis of marine ecological environment. Simulation results show that the proposed method is practical and effective.

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