Pseudoleucochloridium ainohelicis nom. nov., a New Discovery about the Members of the Brachylaimidae

Authors:Stephanie Sparkes


The class Digenea (Platyhelminthes: Trematoda) is a group of obligate parasites, which have a complex life cycle involving three hosts in typical species. Several species of trematodes belonging to the closely related families Brachylaimidae Joyeux and Foley, 1930 and Panopistidae Yamaguti, 1958 are endemic to Japan. Members of these families are unique in using land snails as the first and second intermediate hosts. The Japanese species of the two families have been infrequently recorded from shrews, shrew-moles, rodents, and birds, although their larval stages still remain undiscovered from land snails. A recent DNA barcode-based trematode survey of land snails in Hokkaido, led us to the description of two new species belonging to the genus Brachylaima Dujardin, 1843. This species has already been described as Glaphyrostomum soricis Asakawa, Kamiya, and Ohbayashi, 1988 (Brachylaimidae) from the same definitive host. A nomenclatural revision is needed to correct the taxonomic position of G. soricis.

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