Sliding Control Method of Marine Ecological Protection Robot Based on Dynamic Positioning

Authors:Zhifeng Song


In order to improve the automatic positioning and map planning ability of marine ecological protection robot, a sliding control method of marine ecological protection robot based on dynamic positioning is proposed, using gyroscope and rangefinder as the information sensor of marine ecological protection robot, collecting the position information of marine ecological protection robot, using dynamic information measurement method to process the dynamic information of marine ecological protection robot, extracting the position tracking information of marine ecological protection robot, carrying out dynamic positioning and target path tracking according to the environment perception of marine ecological protection field, combining with robot sliding control method to design the global positioning of marine ecological protection robot, and improving the information measurement and positioning ability of marine ecological protection robot under dynamic environment. the simulation results show that the method is used to locate the marine ecological protection robot with high accuracy, the positioning error is small, the obstacle avoidance performance of the marine ecological protection robot in the positioning process is good, and the dynamic positioning control ability of the robot is strong.

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