Light Quality on the in Vitro Growth of Physalis Angulata

Authors:Elliot Padilla


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of light quality on the growth of Physalis angulata in vitro, and to quantify the flavonoid rutin in this micro-proliferating species. The purpose was to use it for the production of cell suspension culture in future studies and for the commercialization and development of the biotechnological potential of this species. The plant material used is obtained by in vitro germination of seeds of mature fruits collected from seedlings grown in nurseries. The culture was maintained under a daylight white fluorescent lamp in a growth chamber at 25°C ± 2°C, with an irradiance of 40 to 55 μmol·m2·s-1 and a photoperiod of 16 hours. This study shows that light intensity and quality significantly affect the growth of P. angulata seedlings in vitro and the accumulation of rutin. In addition, through in vitro cultivation under appropriate light quality mixing conditions, high-quality plants of this species with biotechnological potential can be produced.

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