Smoke Concentration Distribution Characteristics of Gas Blowout in Deep Water

Authors:Wei Song, Geng Feng


The drilling and production procedures of deep-water natural gas are complex, the technical content is high, the working environment is bad, and blowout accidents happen frequently. Aiming at the problem of gas blowout and explosion in deep water, the smoke concentration distribution characteristics of gas blowout and explosion in deep water are studied. According to the theory of computational fluid dynamics, the basic control equation of deep-water natural gas blowout and explosion is obtained. Based on the basic control equation of deep-water natural gas blowout and explosion, the smoke diffusion process of deep-water natural gas blowout and explosion is described by k-ɛ turbulence model. Based on the smoke diffusion process of deep-water natural gas blowout and explosion, the smoke diffusion process of deep-water natural gas blowout and explosion is simulated by the coupling method of segmented smoke flow and Gaussian smoke mass concentration distribution, and determine the atmospheric diffusion parameters and average wind speed two Gaussian smoke model parameters. Matlab software is used to simulate the deep-water natural gas blowout and explosion, and its smoke concentration distribution characteristics are analyzed. The experimental results show that the source intensity mainly affects the peak value of smoke concentration, and has no effect on the change of smoke position; The change of average wind speed and diffusion time not only changes the smoke position, but also affects the peak value and smoke size of smoke concentration; The smoke concentration at different observation points shows throwing at different release height line change.

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