Design of Environmental Health Risk Assessment Model under the Development of Coastal Chemical Industry

Authors:Yao Hui


In order to reduce the environmental health problems caused by the coastal regional chemical industry, in view of the situation that harmful gas leakage and water pollution are easy to occur in the development of the coastal regional chemical industry, the environmental health risk assessment model is designed under the development of the coastal chemical industry. According to the principle of Gauss plume diffusion model, the parameters of the model and the assessment standard of the concentration of harmful gas health risk are determined, and the assessment of environmental health risk caused by the leakage of harmful gas is realized by three steps of identifying risk, estimating risk and assuming the leakage source; the assessment model of water environmental health risk is established by using the assessment model of chemical carcinogen health risk and non-carcinogen health risk Type B, determine the pollution factors and parameters of the assessment model to realize the environmental health risk assessment caused by harmful substances in water. The experimental results show that the model can effectively evaluate the environmental health risks caused by harmful gases and heavy metals in the water body of the coastal city chemical enterprises. The carcinogenic risk of the coastal city chemical enterprises accounts for 99.99% of the total environmental health risk, while the carcinogenic risk caused by CR accounts for 99.29% of the total environmental health risk.

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