Genetic Structure Analysis of Fish Population Based on Stochastic Differential Equation

Authors:Lan Ruiping


In order to understand the genetic structure of Coilia Mystus population in coastal areas of China, a method based on stochastic differential equation was proposed to analyze the genetic structure of fish population. The genomic DNA of Coilia Mystus in six waters of Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea was extracted by phenol isopentyl alcohol chloroform method. The genetic network of Coilia Mystus was regulated by stochastic differential equation model, and the sequence variation of 561 bp fragment in the mitochondrial control region of Coilia Mystus was analyzed. Using DNASP 5.0 software, Arlequin 3.0 software and matrix correlation analysis, we calculated and analyzed the haplotype diversity, nucleotide diversity, genetic differentiation index and other population genetic characteristics of Coilia Mystus. The results showed that the total unit diversity and nucleotide diversity of Coilia Mystus in six waters were higher, H = 0.809 ± 0.01 and π = 0.00687 ± 0.00033, respectively. the genetic distance of K2P between Dalian waters and Qinhuangdao waters was the smallest, 0.003, and that between Rizhao waters and Qingdao waters was the largest, 0.010. The Fst value of Coilia Mystus in Dalian and Rizhao waters is the highest (0.75021), and the Fst value of Coilia Mystus in Qingdao and Tianjin waters is the lowest (0.03368). The Nm of gene flow among populations was 0.081645-7.16279, and the gene flow between Qingdao water area and Dalian water area, Yantai water area and Tianjin water area, Qingdao water area and Tianjin water area, Tianjin water area and Dalian water area was more than 1, indicating that there was significant geographic differentiation between Coilia Mystus.

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