The Method of Saturation Detection of Ecological Water Pollution in Coastal Cities

Authors:Yu Miao, Li Xiang, Li Guanhua


In the ecological water environment of coastal cities, dissolved oxygen saturation is an important index to evaluate the degree of water pollution, therefore, the method of saturation detection of ecological water pollution in coastal cities is studied. Firstly, the process and principle of dissolved oxygen in water body are analyzed, and the equilibrium equation of dissolved oxygen is obtained. Based on the equilibrium equation of dissolved oxygen, the saturation detection method of MI-PSO-RBF is used to detect the dissolved oxygen saturation in the ecological water of coastal cities. This method preprocesses the sample data of ecological water in coastal cities, and uses the theory of mutual information and equilibrium equation of dissolved oxygen to detect the saturation of ecological water pollution by particle swarm optimization RBF neural network. The experimental results show that the method can effectively detect the saturation of ecological water pollution in coastal cities, and the accuracy of detecting dissolved oxygen saturation in a study area of Shandong is more than 99%, and the detection time is only 20 ms–40 ms.

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