Evaluating the Resistance of Soybean Genotypes to Rust Disease and to Study the Interaction between Agronomic Traits with Rust Disease on Soybean Genotypes

Authors:Woods Aiden, Carroll Addisyn


Soybean is one of the main foods in Indonesia and the main source of plant protein. The purpose of this study was to assess the resistance of soybean genotypes to rust and to study the interaction of agronomic traits and rust on soybean genotypes. A total of ten soybean genotypes consisting of eight lines and two variants (Argomulyo and Grobogan) were tested for resistance to rust. The results showed that for all tested genotypes, the incubation period (time from vaccination to disease symptoms) of rust was between 7 and 14 days (data not shown). Evaluation of the resistance of soybean genotypes to rust in this study revealed that no soybean genotype was classified as immune or resistant genotype to rust.

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