Design of Real-Time Tracking System for Close Range Motion Trajectory of Marine Organisms Based on Big Data

Authors:Sun Yanan, Sun Zejun


The close-range motion of marine organisms is subtle, and in the process of tracking, there will be error messages or data cannot be uploaded in time. In this paper, a real-time tracking system for close range motion track of marine organisms based on big data is designed. Firstly, the framework is established according to the overall design requirements of the system, and then the hardware of the system is constructed by using multi-serial port single-chip microcomputer, sim808 module, camera module, etc. By designing the control program of the main unit, the real-time positioning data is uploaded to the network by using GPS and GPRS to complete the whole system design. The final experimental results show that: Compared with the traditional methods, the real-time tracking system based on big data can upload data in time with low error and excellent performance.

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